19 November 2015

why do they bother?

Yet another shipping misfire - this time with camera battery & charger.
Why do companies bother posting this stuff?

USPS assured me on Monday that they would deliver the battery/charger on Thursday.  When the mail came, no package was evident.  I went online with my phone and the mobile site was now saying Saturday delivery.  Tonight I see it's in Portland, so it will likely arrive on Friday - but the computer website still says it's coming today. At 9 PM I'm willing to say NO WAY.

In the meantime UPS is shipping the camera itself.  It was nice to hear on Monday that it would arrive on Friday, after the battery had a day to charge - well, so much for that.  Their website has no updates in two days, when it left Illinois.  They still believe it will arrive tomorrow, so at least they've been consistent.  But do I have any evidence that it's getting close?  Nope.

 Get it right or get these wild semi-educated guesses off the web, folks!

Update: the race is on
Both packages are at the nearby delivery sites, so both could arrive today.  Which one first, we wonders?

Update II - camera beat the power supply by about an hour!