17 November 2015

out with the black, in with the red

The latest postal estimates say the red K-50 should arrive this weekend, along with batteries and charger (in this case, sold separately).  I bumped into a Wanted post online for a K-r or newer camera - hmmm just what was I going to do with that black K-r body once the K-50 arrives?  After a few quick messages the K-r is off to Canada!  It was an amazing deal when I bought it, so the savings went along as well.  Everybody wins!

The healthy DAL 18-55 will travel with the camera, and the white one with broken mount should probably be disposed of.  Just maybe though.. some parts might be worth keeping in case of trouble.

Other sales (of things that I was actually trying to sell!) have been slow.  The K24 has departed but the M100/2.8 remains.*  I won a bid I don't remember placing on an smc.A50/1.7 with 2x teleconverter for about $16, and the lens is in great shape.  Some day I'll get around to trying the TC as well..

* no sooner said then gone: the M100 sale is imminent SOLD!
Today's gear = Q, A50, DAL55-300 and a few manual-focus zooms.
Coming soon = K50, 18-55wr
Coming later = G7, 14-42 then Sam7.5, Tok300 and a Lumix telezoom.