14 September 2017

small change

I've been looking over the fisheye options for the GX system. My recent preference was the 7Artisans f/2.8 model, but someone sold their nameless C-class option at a further discount. Given recent news on the dental-expense front, I figured it was now (barely), or never to buy the lowest-cost option.
So here it is!

It arrived today just as I was heading to town. Smoke was drifting near the sun as the east wind blew smoke out of the Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia Gorge - a fine time for this lens to arrive and capture it. Hopefully the weekend rains will give that fire a serious dousing as the terrain is very difficult for fire-fighting.

reconnecting with GX7

The GX7 has found its way back into my kit.
taken with GX1 and Sigma 30/2.8

Having done the GX7-GX1-GX7 return loop, I now understand better what an improvement the Seven really is. The rather primitive GX1 touchscreen took a major step forward in usability, using stabilized primes is wonderful, and internal features like time-lapse and EV-4 focus are not always needed but really great to have.

I've been rereading the books and e-books about using the GX7 and re-watching videos about the feature set. It sure was a well-liked camera when it came out! Although the silver/chrome combo with the 14-42 is a poor match in good light, I do like the camera's satin chrome finish over the all-black that I had before.