21 July 2011

assembling primes, part 2

a follow on to this post

I've had some more luck recently on the auction markets, most notably for a 24mm lens. I found a deal on the forum website for a Vivitar 24mm f/2 - exactly what I had hoped for, a very nice price, and in great condition. Since then I also won out on an SMC-M 200mm f/4 in quite excellent condition. And to top it off I caught a winner on a 'Sears' 50mm f/1.4, which is a clone of the Rikenon XR model. Those have generally won high praise online, and I concur: it's a very nice lens, as long as flare is not allowed to ruin the contrast.
So I now sit at 24 - 28 - 35da - 50(x2)- 100macro - 135 - 200mm. More than enough for now, more precisely one more than enough; that Chinon 28 can go. I'd prefer a manual 35mm lens, but the DA35 is in fact cheaper than any manual that I have managed to track down. Guess I cannot complain, but I seem to want to!