20 November 2015

Double dealing (plus 1)


The best surprise is one that you give up on (some times).
My list of micro4:3 items includes the Tokina 300mm f/6.3 mirror lens. I've wanted a lens like this for a long time in Pentax mount but they are very rare and bids were too high. This Tokina is tiny and cheap ($90ish refurbished) so even if I don't like mirror lenses in the end it's not a big investment.

 Today I was buzzing through eBay to check on the status of a refund. My mind and mouse wandered a bit.. and here's a Spiratone 300mm f/5.6 in K mount for a very similar price. It's a T-mount lens so K and m4:3 can each adapt to work with it. The Tokina is an all-manual lens anyway so why not get the K/T/m43 all at once? This will be 450 mmme on the K-50 (and stabilized!), 600 mme on the G7: watch out birds here I come! The speed difference is small but many focus sensors begin to fail above f/5.6 so that's another point in the old lens' favor.

In fact all 300mm mirror lenses  are small for the amount of telephoto they offer, so this will be full-frame-film compatible with a bit of a bulk penalty.  I was happy to seek it a few months ago without success, so forsaking the smaller Tokina won't be a major bummer.  Now to learn if I can tolerate 'donut bokeh' in my images!


The SD/Flucard sold this afternoon, and now interest in the 55-300 is growing. The general idea is to get a WR replacement for it at some point. What to do in the meantime though? Prices are decent on both the 50-200 & 55-300wr but the budget is.. about what I got for the Flucard. Anything else?

Shopgoodwill was dumping a Sigma 100-300 with no bids and 4 minutes left. PK mount yes, so Sold!

Yes, it's that lens again.  It always battles the 55-300 for a spot in my bag since it focuses far faster.  The range of the Pentax and brighter telephoto keep the seesaw in motion.  This has always been my favorite $35 telephoto option, but this time it's my $10 option! OK add $22 shipping and handling.. Still a silly/good deal that is sufficient for filling in the tele space right now.

 So along with the 300mm Spiratone that's two fine deals today on 36×24 telephotos!


Make it three deals: I just won a dirt-cheap bid on a DAL 50-200wr.  
I'd prefer the 55-300 but again, the budget cannot do that just now.
Now the rain can return.. and of course it will do so, in about 10 hours...