11 November 2015

And yet I still make plans..

Plans of all sorts have failed on multiple levels in the recent past, but I continue to make them anyway.  Here is what I hope to acquire in the coming six weeks..

I will be watching for deals on Pentax' K-s2 with the 18-50re lens and the Lumix G7 in several possible kits with the 14-42 II.  Depending on what deal works best I shall make my move.

  • The easy choice is to stay with Pentax and whatever lenses remain in hand.  If the 55-300 goes I would add the WR version and be in fine shape.  If a few primes don't sell so much the better!
  • If the G7 deal is irresistible it would likely include the 14-42ii and the 45-150mm.  I would then add the Samyang 7.5 and Tokina 300/6.3 baby mirror lens.  If the best deal has only the 14-42 then I will add a PK adapter for the 55-300 for now, and save for the 35-100.  Maybe at some point I would add the 100-300.. but the 300 cat is still a tiny convenience.
Either way I will have a fine new camera and a few great lenses!
image from petapixel

First Revision: rather than have competing systems how about I go with complementary ones?  
With that in mind I find myself inclined to grab the last K-50 off the shelf for wet-weather imaging, and go with the G7 as the clear tech champion.  I can find the body only or 18-55wr kit (even the 50-200 kit if that price is amazing) which frees up more money for a more complete Lumix kit.  Just, maybe.

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