07 November 2015

Still bleeding Pentax red

As delays continue to plague our refi, the last easy options for generating cash have begun to play out.  I now have nearly every piece of my Pentax gear for sale - and not for lack of interest or enjoyment.  So it must be; I accept and move on.  Ironically I shall be picking up my newish A50/1.7 on Tuesday, so if everything sells that is curently posted, I will own K-r, 50mm and an 18-55 kit zoom.

It is not explicitly a sign but I will move forward with a Lumix G7 kit when the financial ice finally melts.  I foresee an ultimate kit consisting of the 14-42, manual primes of 7.5 fisheye and 300, and either the 45-150 or preferably 35-100 f/2.8 depending on the best sale I can find.  In mme* that's 28-200(300) with zooms plus 15 and 600 via primes.. and such cute little primes they are!  Tokina's 300mm mirror lens is a fraction of the Samyang 500's size and reviews are better too.  The Samyang fisheye also gathers fine praise - and both are real bargains.

* By the way, mme is mm equivalent focal length with 35mm film.  Pentax 200mm = four/thirds 150mm = 300mme.