29 November 2017

another developing contender?

I bumped into an announcement about the Zoner Photo Studio X and its ability to save in the new and improved (and Apple-preferred!) HEIF image format. Jpeg has been around a while and updated often - but a new way of saving files with all the tech/AI improvements feels like a good idea. The software is available for trial, so why not?

So here's the most recent file processed to my preference in their editor. Odd though, the trial version did not open a 5-year-old raw format; this one is from the equally-drab jpeg that was captured with the raw that I used before.

This was definitely processed differently, with those uppermost leaves being more preserved. I still shifted the green channel up at the light end and also worked to preserve the bridge better. Their HDR effect was not quite as pleasant in the end so I left that turned off.

Let's see how it compares!
Top= PhotoStudio from jpeg  -  Bottom=original above, PD8 below

Definitely warmer and brighter this time. The PD8 image is definitely punchier with its HDR slider that works the way I prefer. Perhaps I should try PD8 again - and add a Polarr workover of this image as well!

18 November 2017

more PD8 image tricks

I cranked out another test file with PhotoDirector 8. In this case a very flat image of our local lake was in need of some lively processing.

I took the top image and used my old favorite curve tool - but I tried a few new tricks. I adjusted RGB to taste but then boosted the green channel at the bright end. That left the dark-green trees dark on the left but strengthened the shrubs by the water just right of center.

I then used the HDR-effect sliders to make things jump a bit more. I like that this tool can be used push-button style or as a gentle slide to keep any cartoon effects to a minimum.

I like the reprocessing quite a bit, but those branches along the top went too dark. At some future point I will revisit and make use of the layers tool to bring them back closer to the original image. Perhaps the bridge can also be pulled into better definition that way?

Any software has features and complications that can only be learned with time. PhotoDirector 8 has caught my interest and I plan to keep learning its features.