25 April 2015

the new small option

My wife wants a 'small' camera.  The nx300 is a very good choice - and so is the K-r with its new DA 40mm XS.

Not even NX lenses come this thin (yet!); I expect that most people presume the XS is a fancy lens cap.  However it's optically the DA Limited 40mm in disguise, with nine aperture blades and all the talent within, merely modified by designer Marc Newsom to go with his K-01 dream camera.  Few actual photographers shared his dream but at $300 closeout prices people came around :-) and learned of its special talents (like standing on end on a flat surface for vertical shots!).

Every now and then this lens also can be had cheaply.  Lórien could use the K-r with a manual 50mm, but when I found this deal I knew the automation and exquisite Image Quality were for her!

One lens has yet to arrive in this K-mount realignment.. so another update soon.