21 April 2015

old friends and acquaintances

We've celebrated some financial freedom by bargain shopping and scoring on some of my 'best-of' lenses.

In the last post we welcomed my 3rd copy of the smc-A 50/2.8 macro, a 1:2 wonder that gets high marks everywhere.  This copy is as good as the other two and might focus a bit more smoothly.  Next up is the F 17-28mm f/3.5-4.5 Fisheye zoom.  I really like the K17/4 Fish-Eye but this does as well and I finally found a sub-$200 copy; that's a real surprise in the new post-anouncement, imminent-36×34 'FF' Pentax dSLR environment!  The zoom has AF and data contacts and somehow goes slightly wider than the K17, so those features will ameliorate the loss of extra-close focusing that the prime does so well.  In most places the K24 will do for wide enough, but the F17-28 gives me back the ultrawide option.  Hoo Ray!

F17-28, DA18-55wr, K-r with A50 macro, K24, and another K-r (faux K-x)
The 17-24 seems a bit looser in the zoom ring than my previous copy, but thus far images look fine.  The 18-55wr was a $50ish toss-in deal, so about half what I usually paid; now at least the two bodies have that zoom in common.

Two more surprises next week, an old friend and a new oldie! :^)