02 May 2015

my dad

We on earth can be a greedy bunch.

My dad has taken the leap of faith and reached Heaven, at the age of 95 years and a month.  Married for over 70 years, his health failed at the end - and yet  we still expected to see him rally and spend a little more time with us!  His last week was uncomfortable though, and when pneumonia caught him it was too much to bear.  Three of my siblings prayed him onward after I had taken our exhausted mom back home for the night.  

What a guy!  And what a life filled with wonderful memories, friends and family (five children, nine grandkids, and twelve more in the next generation!).  He touched so many people, including complete strangers - especially if a baby or dog was involved.  We'll never see the likes of him again.

dad's first trip to Paradise, circa 1970
Mt. Rainier NP, Washington

Some perspective on Dad's life!
  • He was born after Ireland's Easter Rebellion in 1916 but before the Irish Free State was formally recognized in 1922.  Watch the movie "Michael Collins" to learn of those gruesome times.
  • He had no middle name but the nuns at school 'requested' one. His mom pointed into a book of saints' names for it!
  • My parents were married the day before the Battle of the Bulge began!
  • His dad had a ticket on the SS Titanic, but gave it away because he had to remain in Ireland a bit longer..
  • Like so many soldiers he was a smoker, but quit before I was born.
  • Scout leader, little-league coach, outdoorsman.. everything a boy could ask for.
Thanks for everything, dad!