20 April 2015

excuse me - but Two?

The second K-r body arrived on my door-step today.  For a total of $118 I have two bodies in like-new condition with a total of 130 shutter actuations.  This for a four-year-old design with minimal video abilities and a HOYA label on the bottom?!?

Well yes, that's what I did.  At those prices, why not?  How much can I complain about in this case, and what do I lose if something goes awry?  I have the K-5 interface that I know very well (give or take a few items like the 3-way AF switch).  I regain interval timing which the K200 and NX300 lack.  I can go to ISO4000 at 12Mpx - yes the Samsung can do it at 20 but I don't seem to shoot many poster-size prints.  And I have a small camera that natively takes K lenses and stabilizes them.  What am I to regret here?

 Lórien wants a small but talented camera, and one for each of us; the Pentax Q was a good option and nx300 even better, but this saves cash, uses common lenses and is mighty small!  I guess I could find her a 40mm XS for the ultimate minimal dSLR.. some day

OK, my one regret is that they're both black.  But wait: for about $25 I can find a parted-out body and steal its baseplate (or top, front or back cover)!  I can pretend it's a K-2S with black body and red or white bottom plate.  Whoopee?

Cheap thrills abound.

p.s. looking at the camera on the right, you see why the K24 lens was sold in Ugly condition..Image taken with the A50/2.8 macro, glad it's back :~)