09 April 2015

comings and ..

Shouldn't 'going' be part of that title?  Well I thought so, but other than a few nice conversations nothing has come of my sale posts.  It would be nice to clear some space - especially in light of those 'coming' items!

Primary among those is a copy of the SMC 24mm.  Its condition is a bit rough but that might turn out well in the future.  The Pentaxforum site has a hobbyist who refinishes lenses, often in silver.  I would love to have that done, so maybe this will be the lens to rework!  Nothing soon though, maybe next year.

My risky investment was typically done with no time to think.  Someone cleaned out a former repair shop's Pentax cameras so I bid on two K-X bodies at $20 apiece.  Great his&her cameras at a bargainb price!  Well, for the red one I was outbid and the black one may not be salvageable, so not my best decision - though for the price we'll see.  Maybe I can put the working parts into my K200 body and have a K200x?  That would be a fun challenge for someone as unfamiliar with camera-guts like me..

Arrival of the 24: the lens reached me a day early, no complaint here!  While it looks like it spent an hour underwater based on the aperture blades and interior lining, it functions well and takes nice images.  This fits into the dual-kit lineup far better than the nx20 and the pk28 so in theory it should be there a while.  As to its refinishing future..well the price just went up a bit!

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