03 February 2015

unexpected stuff happens

I had forgotten my bid on a Samsung 16/2.4 NX lens.  Last night I was reminded of it via e-mail: ending soon, auction over, Winner!!  I put in a decent bid but nobody bid after me, so it was a fine bargain.  In the end I paid $500 for the flapjack trio, essentially buy two get one free based on typical pricing for new lenses - hooray for slightly used! 

 Now to forget they're in the mail .. good luck with that.

From Samsung.com site

This unexpected event definitely means it's time to sell the 20-50 and a few k-mount lenses more aggressively! I had a sale post languishing in the forum, perhaps a few price cuts will recharge it. :∆)

On the Pentax side, I found an excellent deal on the smc-A 50/2.8 macro.  This means the K55/1.8 will depart, which is sad - but having nothing in the way of closeup lens even 1:2 seems very good, and I really liked this one before.  I paid less than half of what I did last time, an incredible bargain for this lens!