26 February 2015

tiny part II

On the left we have a Pentax K200d with 18-55wr lens.  Nice camera, decent lens.
On the right, in a bag that would not quite hold the K200d, we have
  • Samsung's NX300 with 30mmf/2 lens attached
  • their 50-200f/4-5.6 III OIS lens with folding hood
  • a side pocket with 16mm f/2.4 pancake lens
  • a side pocket with spare battery and flash
  • a top pocket with spare SD card and a filter or two
 - and that's why tiny gear can be very nice to have!  Yes it all breaks down if I want to carry PK primes, but the 50 macro and 100/2.8 can swap out for the 50-200 for similar weight but a pinch more bulk.  Oops I'd also need the pk.nx adapter; guess that can go in my pocket!