17 February 2015

a different way to look at things

If I cast my lens set in Roman numerals, my kit looks pretty cool!
LVI, XX, XXX, L, C, CXXXV and CD in Samsung or Pentax mount.
  • My XXX lens is excellent
  • the L macro is not a loser by any means
  • My big CD lens is handy at times
  • LVI does not roll off the tongue, but what a fun lens!
  • XX and C not available for photo, but will arrive soon..
When seen this way, clearly the XXLVIII simply doesn't fit in :√/ but we're keeping the CXXXV (until a CL comes along?).

As to zooms - well, let's not be Romanesque with those.  Same with f/ratios - I'm not quite that crazy about it.

The Roman Kit - XX and C to follow
item at far left is the hood for LVI and XX/XXX lenses, nearly as large as the lenses themselves!

Update!  The CL 'came along' ¦√)

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