01 February 2015

old and .. much less old

I used some recent birthday funds to pick up something for each system.

For the Pentax, a Vivitar / Kobori 35-105mm f/3.2-4.  I really liked the 28-105 with serial #77---- and this is from that same firm.  This one is a bit faster, misses out on the wide end but takes 55mm filters not 72mm.  I own several 55s so that's a bonus.

That was all I planned to get .. until a Samsung 20/2.8 appeared for $100 less than its typical lowest price!  Similar to the 30/2 that I like a lot, but slightly slower and a bit thicker. Still quite small for a 20 plus it has the i-function on the lens, which can be handy for quick changes to settings.  

With this in hand soon, I can sell the 20-50mm; never thought that tiny zoom would be one of the larger lenses in my kit!  Its only real issue is its inability to easily use a polarizing filter as focus will rotate with the filter dial.