08 February 2015

Ricoh puts Pentax in high gear

Geek talk alert! :-D

After a ~2-year acquisition & transition period, Pentax is pushing hard this year with Ricoh driver's seat.  Two lenses for 36×24 and a camera to match, the k-s2 upcoming, and now pixel-shifting resolution boost for those who feel then need .. more.  That boost may even be back-compatible with K3 and maybe k-s1?  Time for the serious/silly Big Names to pay attention!

And while Pentax/Ricoh sends this punch to the head, Samsung aim for the kidneys with their baby nx1 -  aka nx500.  Here's your AF 4K video and backlit APS.c sensor, $800 please and keep the $300+ lens, you'll like it :-)  Sorry Canon, the days of carrying a massive camera for nice 2k video are about over.  Thanks for playing!

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