07 August 2014


  • As in "I brokedown & bought an SMC-M 135/3.5" to complete any reasonable set of manual primes.  The set is currently 8-17-24-30-40-50-85-105-135-200-300-400 but 8 and 105 will probably go, and the 40 is a Limited AF in truth.  After testing the 300mm Takumar against my 100-300 zoom, it could move along also; we shall see.  The AF kit would be 18-250, 18-55, 100-300; that's plenty as the K17 fisheye is like 14.5mm rectilinear, and the 85/2 can fill the 55-100 gap marvelously.  The 18-250 works pretty well for me in most cases, but when times are wet (and they will be!) the 18-55wr is very important to have when the budget isn't certain.
  • Also see "I brokedown and bought a Nikon 1 J1" - simply as a scientific experiment of course, it means nothing :^)  This 1" sensor and 28-80ish zoom will slug it out against Pentaces Q and X-5 (in some cases even the K-01 ); the result will be fewer cameras and more comfort about which does what best for me/us.  For $140 in like-new condition, why not learn something... right?