26 August 2014


A few hours after the last post, I crafted a list of five expendable lenses plus three 'maybe's that I could lose without great pain.  I also put the IIs body on the list.  A day later and all three maybes are gone but three of the others remain!  The IIs and 18-250 are departing and the k-01 is pending sale.

 Swift and radical change, and when it's over very little camera debt will remain on the books.  That's good, as several six-months-no-interest purchases went late and caused trouble.

Curiously though, two that I expected to depart swiftly are still here; no easy explanation other than 'timing is everything'.  I mused about keeping the 30mm if the 24 sold, and that's what happened - for about four hours.  A cheap 28 now is alone on my 'need' list - maybe another Rikenon?

As to what tomorrow may bring, WSS!