30 July 2014

aaaaaaaand we're back

Now that internet has been added to our new estate, I can tell you what's new!  

Well -- we moved.
 That's it really, all our energy has gone there. 

In other news,  the 18-55WR was sitting on the porch when we arrived; also, the SMC 30mm arrived from Great Britain.  So that's it for a while for inbound gear. Well not quite: while we were away I won a bid on a telescope platform that lets just about anything track the stars, so that's kinda nice. Actually it nearly renders the O-GPS1 redundant as an Astro-Tracer, and at about the same price! We shall see how that all plays out. In the meantime, back to unpacking.

Oh yes, the view. Very nice in the daytime (Rainier, Goat Rocks, St.Helens, trees) and very nice at night (Milky Way &c &c).  In a couple of years the mountains will be a memory as the trees stubbornly insist on getting taller... but some will shed and allow peeking in the winter.
Peace and quiet abound, unless you count bird songs as annoying; we don't.

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