28 August 2014

the Kit Reunites

At last I found it, a box with the cryptic label "K+Q DV" that had appeared late in our move, and hence was packed early (about a year ago!).  Inside was the missing K-mount gear, my wife's Q and several old DV camcorders that my dad had tried and tired of.  Since my other boxes were marked "CAMERAS 2" and "Photo", it's pretty clear that "K+Q" was not a helpful hint!

So the Hanimar 400mm f/6.3 preset is back, never knowing that a 300mm Takumar had replaced it for a time (I mailed that out yesterday).  This one is so much lighter than the Tak; the price of fast glass for sure.  My wife's Q is also back, sitting by two X-5 boxes and listening to me rave about the cute K-s1 that's coming - that can't be reassuring!  A few other items of value also return to the light of day, including three film cameras (two Ricoh, one Pentax ME/SE).

Some day I will go over those DV camcorders (that were also replaced by the K-s1), charge some batteries, and try to watch some 15-year-old tapes.  Today is not that day.. but soon.

So here's the gear, post-purge!
cameras: K-5, Q*2, X-5*2, ME/SE film - awaiting K-s1
primes: 8FE, 17FE, Viv28/2, DA40, A50 1:2, M85/2, M135, Han400
zooms: DA18-55 (a white DAL and a WR), Quantarays 28-90 1:2 and 100-300.
for sale: 8FE, A50 1:2 + K-01

Hot flash - I won a bidding 'war' for a Vivitar (Kiron) 28mm f/2 overnight!