24 August 2014

so much for the group photo

After unpacking most of our things, I had planned to assemble all the gear in one grand photo shoot.  It would include two Qs, two X-5, K-5 K-5iis and K-01 bodies, a goodly number of primes and several manual and autofocus zooms.  Alas, one box is missing - so the second Q and Hanimar 400mm (along with who knows what else, as that box was packed almost a year ago) is unavailable.

leftish-rightish: Tak300, 18-55wr, Rokinon 8fe, K17fe, A24,M135/200 atop K-01 box, K30, O=GPS1, DA40, A50/2.8 1:2, 
Sigma/Quantarays (18-250, 28-70/2.8-4, 100-300/4.5-6.7, 28-90 1:2), K-5, K-5 IIs, M85/2, Tak105, Q
missing from scene: Hanimar 400/6.4 preset, another Q, two X-5 and ... ?
shot with Nikon 1 J1

Part of the motivation for a group shot is that it's just 2MS (too much stuff) and a goodly amount of it will be leaving soon.  I can no longer justify assembling a great kit that only shoots yard images.  We make plans often to go places and see things, but when those don't happen the gear does nothing but sulk in a corner of the house and call me a gear collector not am image maker.  My plea is No Contest.

The K-01 will be leaving first as the deal is essentially concluded.  A few primes will depart (still debating this one) and the 18-250 plus manual zooms, leaving the 28-90 and 100-300 Quantarays and an 18-55WR to do the zoom work.  Which K-5 variant stays is also up in the air.  My wife will decide whether she prefers Q or X-5 for her shooting, and I will keep a copy of her choice as well.

Pentax has a new camera in the rumor mill, a small-body K-S1; if it pans out for specs I may let both K-5 bodies go and take the small route instead.  I continue to seek the ideal smaller camera (most recently picking up a Nikon 1J1 - 2MS strikes again!) so perhaps the new Pentax can serve all needs at once?

 As I so often say, we shall see.