05 March 2015

the prodigal lens

I bought a used copy of the nx 20mm f2.8 in late January and spoke of it here.  Over a month later it has reached American soil and is heading my way.  Wow, was that pokey!

To be honest though, it's still within its estimated shipping date - so delays were assumed to be likely.  The shipping window was about a month thick and it will be delivered on the last day.. but it still counts!  In the recent past I have been spoiled by items reaching me ahead of schedule from one or two time zones away - and this was coming from nearly halfway around the world.  This lens has been places and 'seen' things I haven't dreamed of.

It is reassuring to have the tracking number provide data again after the past few weeks of silent travel and/or customs checking.  This gently wide-angle pancake prime should be fun.

When everything is in hand the active kit/s will look like this:
  • Samsung nx300 body + NX 16 20 and 30mm primes
  • Pentax K200 body + DA WR 18.55 and 50.200 zooms
  • A50 f2.8 macro, M100 f2.8, M150 f3.5 ¹
  •  pro\spec 28 f2.8,  Quantaray 100-300mm zoom,400mm f6.3 preset ¹
¹ these are adaptable to the NX system

The inactive kit:
NX .. 20.50 and 50.200 zooms
K .. old 80.200 f3.5 zoom, A50 f2, M135 f3.5, rexatar 200 f3.3

Update: it's here and it's spectacular!  Very crisp and colorful images, focuses very close, at f2.8 it's decently fast.  I can shoot in-cam panos in portrait mode and sell the 16mm.  Well let's not be hasty.. :√)