16 March 2015

group photo, at last

Everyone that I'm expecting has gathered at last!  Here's a shot with the nx300 and 50-200 III, which as noted has an uncertain future here - the Pentax primes are faster and lighter so may win out despite their lack of stabilization.  Note that the lens hood on the 16mm fits all three NX primes

I've added a new contestant to the group: the Pentax SMC-A 50mm f/2 refuses to be sold, and is more compact and brighter than its macro cousin.  If I were to go with dipoter lenses for close focus, why not go smaller?  The 150mm at far right has displaced the 135mm f/3.5 for better spacing from the 100mm; yet another surprisingly good price for the 150 makes it happen.

This lineup simply must do for now - even the minimal tax return is spoken for in other places, and the gear collection must get only smaller.  Acquisition is far more fun, that's for sure!  The Pentax 135 and maybe the 50 macro could go, as well as the 50-200 III.  I'm also not convinced that I need 16 20 and 30mm NX lenses, but the 16 became available while the 20 worked its way to my home.   More tests (50 v 50, 16 v 20) will be needed!  Gosh I suck at  lens tests, far more fun to read than to perform properly.