04 March 2015

Battle of the Giants

A monster film-era zoom, a big fast film-era prime and a modern stabilized zoom
battle it out for ownership of the 200mm turf. 
 Who shall pass?

Ugh - I didn't check the settings (typical, and in part why I hate doing lens tests) so first tests were +0.6EV, iso800 and blindly spot-metered (no spot showing on the VF) on an unevenly-lit tree whose lighting changed continuously.  Clearly I need to learn better how to adjust settings!   All were hand-held with the nx300.  My one distress over this camera is that the Fn button brings up a half-dozen settings that are good to adjust on the fly but leaves several others off; the lens iFn is similar that way.  Practice practice..

Anyway - on to the results!

images are really not worth showing but here's a triplet shot.  Ugh-ly, even at small resolution..

The 50-200 won but not by a mile, and mostly because I didn't find the OIS-off switch while testing (no fair!).  I should toss in the Pentax SMC-M 135mm* and crop, see how it fares - the contest is wide open after these severely unprofessional tests.  Even focus peaking did not help the two manual lenses feel all that sharp.

* update.. a copy of the 150mm f3.5 Pentax is on its way!