27 March 2015

consolation prize

Whenever I'm low on funds and lack any sort of closeup lens, I turn to one of my old reliables: the $30-ish, quick-to-focus but slow-aperture Quantaray 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 1:2 macro.  Besides the above feature list it's also really light (no more than 240 grams) and has eight aperture blades for decent bokeh.  No one expects much from it so it continues to surprise every seeker of decent-quality images on a budget.  The photo below surprises me every time I look at it; using the 28-90, K-01 and a hose, this was a simple garden shot that I really like!

This wasn't my time for finding a copy of that lens - but I picked up the next best thing.  It may even be the exact same thing - though it's marked as a mere 28-80mm zoom from Sigma with same aperture range and 1:2 close focus.  They're both Sigma lenses but I have only seen the Quantaray labeled as reaching 90mm.  Looks and features are pretty much identical, as was the price: $35 plus a smidge for shipping.

It only goes 1:2 closeup when at 80mm so that's at f/5.6 - but let's face it, something faster like f/2.8 is pretty useless for depth of field, so something nearer f/8 is appropriate in any case.  This will do just fine.

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