13 July 2014

shut up & move!

Blog time will be reduced now as we shift locations in the coming two weeks.  I'm sitting in our rental house thanks to the new owners, and the New Place has shifted to closing in the coming week.  We may have a gap of several days but a new camp-trailer will suffice; in fact it will do nicely, as it has a/c and this early hot spell finds us with nothing but fans at the old place!

One other bit of interesting timing has occurred: an smc-M 85mm f/2 came up for bid and I won.  It arrived yesterday and appears to be a typically excellent sample, and wow it's compact!  The smc-M series was like that yet it's still a surprise, and yet again shows how the HD and DA70/2.4 in modern days could be made so small.  It's all about practice.

Signing off, for a while!