25 June 2014

moving on II: the New Place

We are now quite certain of where our selves and stored things are going next.  Just when it will happen isn't clear yet but it will come soon.  It's a bit remote, meaning wildlife and stars will be more visible.  It has much more storage, hooray!  And the floor-plan suits us both very well.  Also important is the budget impact, which is not what we had originally planned but still very very good.

Swainson's thrush
Catharus ustulatus
For photography it will be a big change from big-city shots that have dominated my recent days and years.  We will have more birds to help me test the recently-acquired 300mm Takumar - including Swainson's Thrush, the bird at right caught in my simple 5Mpxl Casio back in '07.  This is Lórien's favorite bird and its song was clearly heard when we first toured the New Place.   Hopefully the finches and robins will still find us, and many hummingbirds - but the abundant crows can remain in Portland, thank you.

We will definitely be looking at new landscapes in all directions, with Mt St Helens now closer than Mt Hood.  It will all take a while to get used to, that is certain - including a new task, chopping wood for our woodstove.

This change comes with an attempted promise of no new gear as a reward... at least not for a couple more months when rainy season resumes.  That's OK though, as I have rewarded myself enough lately despite the tight budget :-o

As noted elsewhere a weather resistant lens is my next good idea - actually the New Place should be wetter than Portland, making WR more than just a good idea!  Once I unpack I will find several lenses that were supplanted in my lineup, so at least one of the next lenses will be self financed.  That's always nice! :^)