16 July 2014

1 for the road

Reporting from our camp trailer via tablet --

Deals come and go, and almost by definition they come at a 'bad' time.  This rule was evident as I found deals on two Pentax lenses: an original mid-'70s k-mount 30mm f2.8 (from England!) and a newish foulweather 18.55wr!  These deals decisively close my wheeling & dealing window for the forseeable future (for me that's maybe 2 weeks).

Oh yes, also picked up an OGPS1 attachment for my K-5: not because I care about where I am to within 10' but so I can image the stars while the module tells the camera's sensor to compensate for Earth's rotation.  Cool!

Primes: k17 a24 k30 40Ltd a50macro m85 tak105, m200, tak300 (all Pentax), hanimar 400 
Zooms: 18'55, 18'250, 100'300 plus a few others..