28 November 2010

what's this? another camera??

In a few days a Lumix G1 will arrive on my doorstep. Why is that?!? Well..
  • smaller and lighter, to displace my compact Casio, yet
  • enough features to challenge the K-7 in casual use (nearly all I've done lately) 
  • well reviewed for a 4:3 sensor
  • flip screen could be easier on my aging eyes 
  • dirt cheap for a lightly-used model
  • the 14-45 OIS lens costs more than this whole package!
It will have to serve amazingly well to displace my K-7 though -  but if it does I'm OK with that, since I could sell off the Pentax gear and put quite a bit back in the bank (even after 'splurging' for a 45-200 telephoto) - plus a $30 adaptor would let the G1 use my Pentax lenses.  If it serves poorly I'll just send it back, and search for another way to spend my gift card.  Since I haven't made use of the Pentax' video capabilities the G1's lack is not a real issue. We shall see what the next week brings.

So why don't I just buy more Pentax stuff with that gift card?  Fact is, I'm all out of 'needs' there.  I have modern lenses for 16-45, 50-200 and 55-300 plus a half-dozen manual lenses at 14, 28, 50 and intermediate zooms.  I have a nice tripod and a flash sufficient for my needs, and several SD cards.  Not only is that enough, it's too much - especially as I've been homebound and not able to use much of this.  A smaller camera with decent IQ would provide just as much camera satisfaction and be a smaller cash drain.