14 November 2010

test-drive of the WR 50-200

First tests of the weather-resistant zoom were ideal - then again they weren't. A thick drizzle was good for testing its  resistance to foul conditions, but shots were hard-pressed to show much in the way of contrast and color. Even the birds I had hoped to shoot were choosing not to be available! Test shots show a bit of darkening in the edges at f/5.6 at longer focal lengths. As to sharpness, that will need to await brighter days. This shot was processed a bit and cropped a bit; hard to complain at this point!  It's the imager's fault that a tripod was not used despite the gloom.

The bird in the scene is apparently a cormorant; I was thinking something heron-like, but the webbed feet and throat the color of a salamander's belly make it a clear match with online bird sites. On a brighter day it would look like this - it even struck that wing-drying pose before I took the shot. On a day like this one, no pose would be a drying pose!

The lens is pleasantly small and light - sure, I'd heard this online many times, but one must experience it to understand.