28 November 2010

the Sigma 15mm f/3.5 (manual focus)

The great lens deal I closed a couple of weeks back had a gotcha - that happens to me with regularity in the 'classic' lens biz.  In this case my copy is a true manual lens: despite the 'A' setting on the aperture dial, and the electrical contact that goes with it, this lens will only shoot wide open on the camera's auto modes.  I found that out the hard way, shooting its first gig in the Redwoods.  Nearly every shot has a vague focus point rather than pin-sharp detail and immense depth of field.  It was a cold and wet day, and I trusted the 'A' setting despite the suspicious lack of aperture feedback in the viewfinder.  The rest of the trip had its own issues, so it will go down as my least-recorded trip in a very long time.  More recent tests definitely show more promise with this lens!