11 November 2010

let's make a deal..

For the next couple of weeks I'm swapping my DAL 55-300 for a 50-200WR. I have no weather-resistant lenses, and its compact size has appeal; its owner has a similar interest in extended range and the 'aura' that Pentax 55-300 has acquired. Perhaps it will be a permanent swap; we shall see.

In other news I was re-offered an auction item when I came in 2nd. The Sigma 14/3.5 is a relatively compact ultrawide, and was picked up for substantially less than a less-interesting-but-still-fun 8mm fisheye I was considering. I hope it serves me well.

That really needs to be the end of import season; time for some exporting!

And a final farewell to autumn, as the leaves have been stripped away on most of the local trees.  A shot from my local park:

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