28 November 2010

what's this? another camera??

In a few days a Lumix G1 will arrive on my doorstep. Why is that?!? Well..
  • smaller and lighter, to displace my compact Casio, yet
  • enough features to challenge the K-7 in casual use (nearly all I've done lately) 
  • well reviewed for a 4:3 sensor
  • flip screen could be easier on my aging eyes 
  • dirt cheap for a lightly-used model
  • the 14-45 OIS lens costs more than this whole package!
It will have to serve amazingly well to displace my K-7 though -  but if it does I'm OK with that, since I could sell off the Pentax gear and put quite a bit back in the bank (even after 'splurging' for a 45-200 telephoto) - plus a $30 adaptor would let the G1 use my Pentax lenses.  If it serves poorly I'll just send it back, and search for another way to spend my gift card.  Since I haven't made use of the Pentax' video capabilities the G1's lack is not a real issue. We shall see what the next week brings.

So why don't I just buy more Pentax stuff with that gift card?  Fact is, I'm all out of 'needs' there.  I have modern lenses for 16-45, 50-200 and 55-300 plus a half-dozen manual lenses at 14, 28, 50 and intermediate zooms.  I have a nice tripod and a flash sufficient for my needs, and several SD cards.  Not only is that enough, it's too much - especially as I've been homebound and not able to use much of this.  A smaller camera with decent IQ would provide just as much camera satisfaction and be a smaller cash drain.


bryantakespictures said...

I'll be interested in seeing your thoughts on the G1. I was pretty close to going the micro 4/3 route before settling on the K-7 for it's lens choice and weather sealing. The G1 has a nice control layout and you can't beat the size and price right now.

I'd imagine investing in a multi-manufacturer lens mount will be pretty rewarding since you'll be able to cross shop between at least panasonic and olympus whenever the time comes to replace the G1. Enjoy the new camera.

granitix said...

Thanks! I could also get an adaptor and use the Pentax lenses on the G-1.. that 50-200 is tempting but I'd lose IS that way among other things. We'll see which way I go with these.