06 June 2017

setting up the GX1

After doing the custom settings for GM1 and GX7 bodies, it took a bit longer to find a good combination for the earlier GX1. Many features of the earlier camera are more primitive or just not invented, so settings just took a bit longer to find or make use of. Features like the touch-AF work fine but are not as quick, and the touchscreen is both lower resolution and less precise. For example, the first time I tried video with touch-AF it didn't seem to work - but the touch sensitivity and slower AF had me briefly fooled.

I now have things the way I like. For now. I shall save the custom settings for later, but when the second GX1 arrives I'll set it up to match; that way my wife and I can shoot the same things and compare results.

News flash - the 12-32 has left the building with the GM1! More cash in for future considerations. I shall replace it with.. something, but for now GX1a will have the 14-42ii while GX1b muddles along with the 14 and 30mm primes. Not a bad situation!