09 June 2017

Clearance sale!

A few weeks back I found a local copy of the 17-28mm Pentax fisheye. At the time I had no Pentax body..but as so often happens with me, times change the kit.

Yesterday I made a Command Decision and took my Olympus E500 kit to them and offered a trade. In theory I could get more from a true sale - at the same time the 17-28 is usually $100 more than what I dealt for, so the deal was accepted & everyone's a winner! The E500 gear was getting essentially zero use since the K-5 arrived, and keeping the lenses around forced me to consider the Olympus EM1 just to keep them in play - and if I want a mid-size WR camera the K-5 is just too much of a bargain to beat for now.

I owned the fisheye zoom before and enjoyed it. The fisheye effect is lessened on smaller sensors (yes this is a lens for 36×24 reception) but the effect is cooser to a 14mm non-fisheye than a 17mm. It's nice and small too, good for hikes and a nice match with the 28-80 Sigma (though neither are foul-weather friendly). Good stuff.

the Tamron 10-24 zombie awakens!

I've just learned from the eBay seller that the 10-24mm Tamron that was withdrawn from sale last week.. is coming soon! It seems the seller pressed the wrong button while processing. I am still happy that the E500 and unused 4Thirds gear has become the 17-28mm fisheye.. but it does mean I have one more ultrawide lens than I need. It's not a bad problem to have, since both lenses can be resold for more than I paid if I must; now to test them out and see which is the keeper!

And just to make sure I have too many lenses - I bought an $18 Pentax 35-80 lens. Its sole purpose is to steal the mount and make the 18-55 'wr' a useful lens again. It won't quite be WR with that mount, but I'm not finding any of the WR mounts available for purchase. Better slightly WR than no lens at all, I'm thinking!