10 June 2017

GX1 Gemini

The matching GX1 bodies are now at the same address.

Initial settings are almost in place to make them clones, but a few items are not in alignment yet. I sent the manuals to a print-shop so I can learn a few new things (more precisely un-learn a few newer things that  the GM1 and GX7 taught me!) so at some point I'll know why some settings are greyed out on the newer body. I think we now have five batteries for the two cameras, so running out of power is not a safe option to claim.

As shown here the spousal cam has the silver 14-42ii on it and my GX1 has the svelte 45-150 attached. I need to order the hot-shoe/dataport cover soon for comfort's sake - or plan B: attach the VF to the spousal cam and take her cover! Clever boy.

It's interesting what changes from year to year among cameras. The GX1 has the stiffest control rings I've ever owned - the power switch and mode dial are almost scary-stiff compared to what I am used to. It's strange that the GX7 did not feel as tight; one would think this was something that most people would appreciate. As I noted before, some responsiveness is lacking in the older bodies, to no one's surprise. It's not a major concern, and the K-5 is as spry as ever in that regard so I have choices. That's seldom bad, unless it leads to paralysis (or another budget crisis!).