13 May 2016

updates, down-dates

I pulled two recent posts after seeing that they both referred to non-events.  A busy two weeks of gear swapping with no actual results to show.. well, not yet!

First up/down was the Sigma 60mm DN Art, whose purchase coincided with news of more medical bills in the near future.  A great lens was returned in preparation for that.  I must say that the Sigma Art series has an issue for shooters who use AF with MF override: with the entire lens now a focus ring I have no place for my left hand without actuating the MF zoom feature.  Turning off the zoom or going just AF or MF aren't great options for how I shoot. So I love the images the Sigma 60 takes but its design is a poor fit for me.
edit- the answer came later in the mu-43 forum: keep the hood on and hold the lens there.  Good idea!

Another recent non-deal was a K-7 with some AF issues.  I was unable to get a single image with the camera in any mode, and the seller agreed that was not how it was when he listed it - so another refund and more thoughts for later.  I also bid on a silver Limited K-5 but that was trumped as well.  That would have been cool to own, but budget limits are in play. My consolation in the Pentax world (and m43 as well) is a good deal on a smc-M100 f/2.8; it looks a bit worn but some day it will get a fresh coating!

However! A twice-used em5 came up at mu43.com with Three batteries, several valuable extra features and for a net cost of $120 - assuming the ePM2 sells.  So yes that deal actually did happen, and it might stick!  It should arrive on Monday. For now it will do fine with the 14-42 and 40-150, as the 17/2.8 should help the ePM2 sell.  I really like that little camera, but adding a mode dial, second control wheel, viewfinder and tip screen will be great steps up.  Bummer that the batteries are not compatible with the ePM2..