24 May 2016

more reconsiderations

Yes I did grab a 12-32mm Lumix, and I liked it.
However -

Given current circumstances, many beyond our control, the timing is really wrong for it.  About a half-dozen 40-150mm Olympus lenses are up for sale with no takers, and no Lumix telephotos are up for swap or purchase, neither 35-100 nor 45-150mm. I have two excellent m.Zuiko lenses right now, and I need to use them!

I did manage to sell the ePM2 body so when no lens went with it the time was right to change plans (again).  I put the 12-32 up for sale - and no surprise, it immediately attracted some interest.  As mentioned before the 12-50mm Olympus EZ is available at the same price so let's zoom that direction for a while.  At the same time my wife has stated that if I think something more suitable than the NX300 is available for us to learn on she's OK with that Christmas-present becoming a different camera. That suggests the 12-50 on an em5 and the silver 14-42 lens on an ePL5/6 would be a sensible thing to shoot for. So about face, sales closed on the m.Zuikos and farewell (again?) 12-32! 

from http://www.techhive.com

That's today's story, and if it disappears tomorrow (like yesterday's post just did!) - 
well it's my blog, and these things happen. Especially here.

Update - the 12-32 has left the building - so the BCL 9mm, 14-42 and 40-150 trio will do for now.