20 April 2016

Flat on my back, speculating..

The ePM2 has impressed me quite a bit, and though my budget is in contraction mode my mind is free to wander. It is under the influence of both a nasty illness and big medicine, so its wanderings may be a bit more free than usual!

So anyway: if I wanted more than the PM2 provides, where would I go? The em5 adds tip screen and weather seals, two very nice features.. but uses a different battery.  (The P5 also uses the em5 battery, and I really don't want to play that game!) The em10 has more features and the same PM2 battery but no seals! Apparently the pl5/6 also has the same imaging feature-set (sensor + processor) so that could be a small but worthy step up. And the mark-II em bodies upgrades many features too - likely to ensure the entry model em10 wouldn't the best-featured body of the bunch!

So there.  Time for another nap!  And now I can read my own 'blog to remind myself that it's the em10 not em5 that uses my current batteries!