18 April 2016

kit evolution / devolution

My wife went into the hospital for two nights with double pneumonia, and soon after arriving home one of my teeth broke into pieces.  Needless to say the budget for other items just contracted big time!

So much for the conversion to Lumix lenses when I am already covered by M.Zuiko.

In fact my shots with the 35-100 were not showing its best side.  That could well be a conflict of IS protocols or a firmware issue (what an odd thing to say about optics..) - but shots with the 40-150 Oly were just a pinch better in the same range. Since my caregiving and dental task-list is pretty full right now I'm going to send the lens back and hope the next person can make good use of it.  I really like the size when retracted - well it's nice when extended too! - and I still prefer the zoom direction of the Lumix lenses.  I shall manage with the reverse rotation while scraping up my loose change for the medical folks, and in a few months I can (hopefully?) consider my options from a better position.

Hmmm I thought that last month too, didn't I?  I do wish life could be a bit less hectic, just for a decade or so..