08 May 2015

a gathering of smc-M teles

Once again I forgot the age-old rule of lens buying: seek and your shall find.  Many have used that quote over the years for purposes beyond camera gear, so it's true in many areas of life!

 I really was OK with A50/2, M100/2.8 and M150/3.5.  Honest! Until I did a quick check on the M85mm f/2, a lens that I really liked, and found it for about $125 cheaper than my previous deal. Whoa, must have!  And off goes the pattern..good thing the 135mm was still in my bag.  My best rationale for the 85 is that it spares me the cost of a DA70 at some point..right?  So three cheers for the trio of 50, 85, and 135: hip hip hoo

Until I browsed for deals on macro lenses, and an F-graded smc.M 100/4 1:2 appeared for well under $50.  Oops, wasn't supposed to see that!  It was characterized as showing "light haze or fungus" and for the price why not?  It arrived today and is far better than expected (more on that below) so ..hooray for 50-85-100-?? The 100/2.8 is clearly expendable now, but of the 135 and 150 which to sell?  And when will I break down and get another 200.. :-?

So here they are..hmm where's that 50?  The 85, 135, dirty 100/2.8, 100/4 macro & 150/3.5.  Note that as of today the hazy m100 macro is a like-new A100 macro!  I've contacted the seller since this is clearly not a sub-$50 lens.  I cannot allow a misconception that large to pass without comment so the ball is in the seller's court as they say.

Note also that another mini-crisis hit our wallet, and the da40xs, fa.j 75-300,  f17-28 and 50/2.8 macro were returned for refunds.  A sub $50 lens was OK, the m85 barely worked but the others combined cost well over twice as much.  And now, back into sell mode.