29 December 2014

foot in two systems II

The one thing Samsung's nx300 lacks that I need (not merely want) is weather sealing.  Pentax plays that game very well, though the new NX1 and S-glass brings Samsung up to speed.  Buying the S-series lenses is an expensive proposition right now, but hopefully over time that will change.

While checking in virtual back rooms I found a bargain DA50-200 WR zoom and a K200D body.  The K200 has been in my stable twice before, a fine weather resistant camera with one of the last CCD sensors for a dSLR.  I believe that only the K10 and K200 have weather-sealed bodies and a stabilized CCD sensor; Sony went to CMOS in the A700 as did Pentax with the K20.  The K200 sensor was also in my Sony A200 - so I've used it often in the past!

Here's a shot with my first K200 on a moist day in Mukilteo .. probably taken with my first DA50-200WR!
 How could a 2008 camera take such an image?  Clearly this requires two dozen focus points
and serious predictive-AF tracking algorithms?!?  Or .. not.
So today's kit|s consists of a WR Pentax with manual primes and a WR telephoto, and Samsung with its K adapter, 30mm pancake and OIS zooms. Pig or no pig, That'll do!