01 December 2014


The nx300 received a Thanksgiving-week price cut of about $100 with 18-55ois (and battery and manual and Lightroom CD and Samsung CD and ..?).  Not bad, although my assembled-in-pieces kit still wins out.

Amazon is one of the dealers with that price, at least in some colors.  When that happens it pays to seek barely-used copies in their Warehouse; that's where I picked up my K-5 a few years back, in 'very good' condition.. and it appeared new to me.  Sure enough, several 'used - very good' nx300s available in white for.. er.. $310 and change.  Hmm $[250+60+14-CDs-manuals]= my great deal was just topped, if the two kit lenses are comparable.  For speed they are, but one has slightly more reach and ois while the other impresses by its compactness.  Many users and reviewers praise the tiny 20-50 but with kit lenses each copy stands on its own for quality and value.

Always more deals this time of year.. hard to resist a second copy for my wife.  And 4 days later, the price was $100 higher!