16 October 2014

primal group photo

All the primes* sitting at the window, awaiting the K5 IIs' arrival.  
*Sadly the 400mm Hanimar would not fit on the sill :( but it will get its camera-time!

smc17/4fe, vivitar28/2, A50/2, m85/2, m135/3.5.  Coming soon : smcM 28/2.8 vs Vivitar/Kiron 28/2!

The camera arrived soon after, and the 135mm lens had a fine test drive.  This camera comes gently used at ~13k clicks and includes a KatzEye screen implant with split focus and microprism-glass collar to assist with precise focusing, just like the "good old days" - as William Clark once said (from very near here) O! the joy!  The DAL55-300 tested the AF system with good results too, showing plenty of details on Mt Rainier 80+ miles away.  The IIs really amazes with its abundance of fine detail; the absence of a just-in-case AA frequency filter really makes a difference!