03 October 2014


Well I had not planned for a property-tax bill in October, but here it is.  Given that new reality I felt compelled to visit the KEH buyer (who was in Vancouver WA this week) and parted with some well-liked gear.  Some items they offered little or nothing for, so I didn't lose all my best items - but the DA40 and A50 macro are gone, replaced by an SMC-A 50mm f/2.  Faster and more compact, but no more 1:2 shots except with the Quantaray 28-90; thankfully that lens does 1:2 quite well so no major issues.  Another option is the macro TC which yields 100mm f/4 at the macro setting of my choice!  The offer price for my other f/2 lenses (28 and 85) were not worthy so my kit didn't change much.  They had no interest in the Quantarays so they are still here too.

Despite the low offer for the K-5, I let that great camera go: it needs repair for the mirror-flip which would take longer to fix than the tax bill allows, and may in fact be deemed outside of warranty and cost me more money to fix!

Despite all this activity, the kit still looks good :^)
  • bodies: just K-50 for now, plus film bodies and Q
  • primes: 17-28-50-85-135 and 400
  • zooms: Pentax 18-55 DA wr, 55-300DAL + Sigma 21-35 + Quantarays 28-90 1:2, 100-300 + JCPenney 80-200/3.5  (all of the above lenses except the Pentax zooms work for 36x24 imaging)
  • extras: Pentax  AF280T flash, O-GPS1, and -- well, I have a nice tripod around here somewhere...