29 October 2014

DA 20-40 LimiZoom - 1st images

are quite impressive.  Standing on their own the landscape images are very nice.  This copy does not show any large-scale issues that have plagued some users, but more rigorous tests will come soon.  The scene below would look good with a pinhole camera, but the 20-40 certainly caught it nicely!

Lake Sacagawea in Longview - jpeg 'bright' setting on K-5 IIs, 30mm f/8
Colors are great, details are well defined.  Some say the focus is slow, but shots like this are not big-time torture on focus speeds.  Later tests on power lines and back-lit tree branches showed very little color fringing, though I could find it near the edge at 20mm & f/2.8.  At 30 and 40mm I saw nothing of note even wide open.