18 September 2014

rethinking an old relationship

This lens was on the block, even reaching 'sale pending' mode.  But here it is still.  
The old JCPenney 80-200 zoom is getting another chance to show off, and with careful use it is acquitting itself nicely.  Previous tests showed its color fringing when wide open - that's f/3.5 throughout by the way!

However, when you're not deliberately trying to find weaknesses and shooting at decent shutter speeds it does fine work.  I shot my lawn mower at several focal lengths with the shutter speed locked & aperture set at f/4.5, and all shots are good.  I stopped down to f/8, and things improved which is no surprise.

This lens weighs in at just over a kilogram, has a locking tripod collar & takes 62mm filters.  It also has a built-in shade that's quite handy when fighting glare with old coatings.  While 1030g is a bit bulky for my style it's barely slower than an f/2.8 copy which adds nearly half again to the weight - and let's not go into the price difference!  Oh go ahead and gloat: with M42 to PK adapter, I paid about $40 for this. 

But wait!
  •  The others have VC/OS stabili... oh yeah my JCP is on a Pentax body.. :^)
  •  The others have silent HSM/USD focus - mine's manual focus and very quiet :^)
  • The others cover full-frame sensors - the JCP was built before the term 'full frame' was invented! :^D

It's a keeper.