08 September 2014

meet the new photo team!

So here is most of the imaging team, including all current manual-focus shooters.  Not showing are the two Quantaray FF-ready pair of 28-90 and 100-300, the two 18-55s (WR, white DAL) - nor is the DAL 55-300 (arrives tomorrow, mount "needs repair").  The K-01 is in a box ready to ship, as soon as someone actually claims it.  This may be the last time either the 40 or 50 is in the same shot as well, and who can say about the fast 28-70 zoom on the far right?

 - - 17, 80-200, 28, 40, 50, 85, K-5/135, 28-70, 2x Macro TC - - 
Aside from the DA40 it's an all-manual shot;
aside from the top corners it's an all-prime shot!

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